- hard to search for coins that are not @ [Toplist] or [Watchlist]

- after filtering those coins using [Filter], there is no easy way to navigate to [Price chart] unless I add them to [Watchlist] and click on them


The current CryptoPanic-style "Coin pane" on the left is not user friendly.

Duplicate the [Coin filter] under [Filter] and put it at "Coin pane", resulting in four type of filters (or more)

- None

- Toplist

- Watchlist

- [Coin filter] (sync with the one under [Filter])


I want to find coins that are not on [Toplist] or [Watchlist]. I use [Coin filter] to filter BTC, WAN, COFI. Now these 3 coins appear on the "Coin pane". I can click on any of them to see [Price chart]

See image.